Mind for business maakt van fiets-ophang-systeem een succes

13 oktober 2022

STASDOCK is a wall-mounting system for bike enthusiasts. It is not only very convenient as it saves you space and the possibility to store your gear, but it also boosts a great aesthetic and looks for your room. STASDOCK has been developing more products lately and is becoming more than just a wall-mounting system.

STASDOCK was selling mainly on marketplaces and was apart from some retail sellers therefore dependent on these platforms. To diversify, grow, and be less dependent, STASDOCK wanted to sell more via their own webshop which at that moment barely had any sales and had a poor design. STASDOCK wanted to grow, operate on a global scale, and become the market leader. Though, one of the preconditions was to be profitable at all times.


  • We helped STASDOCK grow to the world's market leader within a year and still is growing.
  • We help STASDOCK improve its brand massively.
  • We help STASDOCK achieve daily ROAS between 5 and 10.
  • STASDOCK was able to extend its brand and create new products.
  • We helped STASDOCK to increase sales by 3000% in the first 3 months and is still growing.
  • We increased the webshop's conversion rate by 120%.
  • We helped STASDOCK with a highly converting webshop that is still improving by the day.
  • We provide(d) STASDOCK with valuable data insights.
  • STASDOCK has been profitable at all times.

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Mind for business maakt van fiets-ophang-systeem een succes

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